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Whip it good! Castlevania celebrates 25 years!

The classic 8-bit battle between good and evil turns a quarter-century old today.  Que the Vampire Killer:

Castlevania was released on the Japanese MSX home computer on September 26, 1986 and was quickly ported to the original Nintendo Entertainment System, touching off a franchise that has produced some of the most acclaimed video games in history.  

As a child of the '80s, I was obviously a Nintendo nerd, and was immediately drawn to the world of Castlevania.  Gamers would take on the role of a whip-weilding warrior named Belmont, and were forced to work through interesting stage layouts and puzzles, ultimately doing battle against villains that were riffs on classic horror movie monsters.  The biggest baddie of them all in the game -- as you might have guessed from the title -- is none other than Count Dracula.

The folks over at www.1up.com have an excellent write-up of the series that you should check out here.

I mentioned earlier on the Twitter that I'd have a special treat for all you guys in celebration of Castlevania's 25th birthday.  So without further ado, here's my contribution to the celebration:

I doodled up this puppy based on my favorite game in the Castlevania series -- Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.  I spent many a summer day in doors, trying to figure out how to beat Dracula's curse and save Simon Belmont from certain death (much to my parents' likely chagrin). Feel to give the game a whirl here!